Men’s Ministry

Thank you for showing interest in our BBQ fundraiser. For this fundraiser we will be taking the money we raise and using it to do repairs around our church facility. As the men’s ministry of our church, we find it crucial to take care of the facility that God has blessed us with. We also feel that it is important to be active inside our church and to help men in our community to understand the value of being productive not just in the physical aspect of their lives but in the spiritual aspect as well. We want to use these opportunities to help reach the hurt and lost, and to draw men closer to the cross by allowing them to see the love of Jesus Christ through our actions. We don’t want to just tell people about Jesus, we want to show them who He is.
We are planning four different cooks for 2018, the first one is on February 24. Follow our Facebook page for the details on the other three BBQ fundraisers and the other cool events we will be hosting for our community this year. As the year progresses and finances are raised to do so we will be using the funds to help men go to the men’s retreat at the district campground. We will also use the funds to help sponsor men to go to JRMC. We will be doing a men’s float trip in the spring, just as we did last year, this will be our second one. The guys had an absolute blast growing in their faith and fellowshipping with other men last year. We can’t wait to see what God has to bring for us this year!
So, if you don’t currently have a home church or you know someone who is looking for one, or would love to be a part of what we are doing at Countryside, don’t hesitate to jump on board with us.